Kingdoms & Lords

Build and protect a rural village in this fast-paced strategy game


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  • Category Strategy
  • License Free
  • Version
  • Works under Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8
  • Also available for Android 
  • Language English
  • Program by Gameloft

Defend your Village from Barbarian Forces

Kingdoms and Lords combines all the popular features of a simulation game with plenty of strategy to create a game that is engaging and fun. Players have to build a village and train your militia to defend the village against a group of invading Barbarians. Once your army is strong, you can then send it out to attack your neighbour’s territories and gain even more and for yourself.

Players have plenty to do in Kingdoms and Lords. Once you have built a basic village you will have to grow crops to feed your villagers, raise animals and create houses for the villagers and army to live in. players must constantly upgrade their crop and food production to gain more and more money that they can use to train their militia. A strong army means that your village will be better defended, while you can also use your army to take over more land so that you become even more powerful.

Another major aspect of the game is the battles. Although they are not exactly original, these battles can be a lot of fun to play. Gamers choose the type of warrior that they want to send into battle and use the warrior’s skills. In addition, players have a whole lot of magic spells at their disposal, which adds a wacky element to what could otherwise be a rather standard and slightly boring battle.

In addition to the various different aspects of Kingdoms and Lords, the game looks very appealing. The buildings have been carefully created to make them look as realistic as possible, while the battle scenes also have an enchantingly real feel to them. Each stage in the game is introduced with tutorials, which are easy to follow and don’t give away too much as once, while the controls are also very easy to use and make getting into the game smooth and simple.

The medieval game music really helps to set the tone and gamers are sure to find themselves humming the notes to the music even when they are not playing the game. Sound effects include bird song and add a peaceful edge to all aspects of the game, including the battles.

As an extra bonus, players are given special quests and tasks to complete from time to time. In fact, there is so much to do in the game that it is easy to become addicted and minutes can easily turn into hours as you wait for your crows to grow so you can get more currency or become entangled in another fun battle.

Unfortunately, the only way to advance in the game is by getting diamonds. Although you can earn these diamonds in a wide range of different ways, no matter what you do it can take a long time to earn enough diamonds to purchase certain items, which can make the game rather slow. The battles take a lot of energy and it is all too easy to run out of energy before a battle has come to the end.

The mixture of different genres that Kingdoms and Lords uses helps to create a varied and interesting game. Players are given plenty to keep them occupied and although it can take a while to really get very far in the game, the colourful and fun graphics and interesting storyline more than make up for this.


  • The graphics are bright and colourful
  • Helpful tutorials
  • Different types of game play
  • Easy to use controls


  • Progressing in the game can be very slow
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